Open letter to the customers 20/03/20

Since the creation of the Pitsy Fashion brand in 2002, the first visual site in 2008, a brand new e commercial platform was born in 2020.

What’s Pitsy Fashion ?

That’s handmade creations, unique items or small series items for women, men or pets more focused on textile but I propose custom on measures clothing coming from my workshop in Belgium.
I have to thank you all, dear mothers, fathers and wafwafs for choosing the Pitsy brand.
There are customers, friends who are there from the beginning, businessperson, those who passed away and the customers yet to come. It is thanks to you that this project keeps on living.
Thank you to keep on believing in handmade products, limited editions made in Belgium. Times are sometimes hard but thanks to all people who keep wearing my creations, I still believe in the future. Thank you for the adventure.

A little journey on the on line shop and why not place an order, if you have any questions or need any informations, contact me on

You are part of the Pitsy Fashion family and wish to show it to me, please send me an email.
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