Pin Up’s Biography

Pitsy Fashion? The most GlamRock of Belgian stylists!

Pitsy (or Ericka Doclot), a stylist at heart since 2002, sets her label on a playful fashion with very high power of seduction.

Between femme fatale and burlesque Lolita, the Pitsy Fashion woman dares the explosive cocktail of candor, glamor, elegance and impertinence.

Throughout the collections, Pitsy’s silhouettes affirm a real fascination for pin-ups and rock’n’roll culture. A very catchy imagery, which inspires the young stylist a world recognizable at first glance.

Like a true fashion anarchist, Pitsy loves taking liberties with her influences! The young stylist reinterprets the codes of vintage to carve out a strong and very contemporary silhouette where femininity finally assumes sexy humor.

And if Pitsy rhymes with “Oh yes how pretty”, the beautiful rebel glam-rock is not a fashion tourist! Fashion, she fell in when she was very small …

Ericka Doclot was born in Soignies (Belgium) in 1978, in the tweet of sewing machines, Mum is a seamstress, grandmother works in a shoe factory, … Raised in scraps of fabrics and ribbons, the “petite” Ericka quickly cuts clothes for her dolls. An early vocation!

At 14, Ericka Doclot chooses the sewing section, then follows a training in pattern making (technical agent in fashion and creation) at the Bischoffsheim Institute in Brussels.

Then direction Paris, where she will immerse herself in the world of fashion design for a year.

Ericka then enters the very famous “Ecole de la Cambre”, fashion design section. Two years of pure creation and technique … To finish his fashion design diploma at Atelier Chardon Savard in Paris.

Released in 2002, Pitsy won several prestigious fashion shows in France and Belgium … then flew to China, where she participated in the China Cup competition with a collection for children.

Pitsy clothing, lingerie, ornaments and accessories: each time a unique or limited edition piece, worked, refined to the last detail! Satin ribbons, sequins and lace just for fun and the search for absolute quality.

All in very stamped and contrasting colors in a chic chic chic spirit!